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And In Her Eyes You See Nothing

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January 9th, 2009

10:47 pm - Brian Icons
burns my feet as they touch the groundCollapse )

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January 7th, 2009

08:33 pm - Jane and Baby
There aren't many of these to be found. I was surprised.

Katie and RoryCollapse )

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08:07 pm - Young Jane
A collection of the pictures of young Jane Asher that I have in my collection. All are from before she met the Beatles and Paul McCartney.

acting was a fun hobby, good for her self esteemCollapse )

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December 17th, 2008

07:45 pm - Peter and Jane, Fall 1966 (LoJ universe)
I think I'm in trouble.Collapse )
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December 6th, 2008

05:39 pm - For Brian <3
Jane Loves Brian

Drawn by synistra, coloured by me! It took me two days, I hope you like it loves!</lj>


November 22nd, 2008

11:37 pm - And if you saw my love...


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